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Get Your COVID-19 Disinfection Program Guide for Grocery Stores Now

Keep Your Employees and Customers Safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused serious disruptions in how consumers think about their safety. For grocery stores, adapting
to these changes requires making a commitment to cleanliness that offers shoppers the confidence they need to feel secure when visiting your store.

Shoppers are now averaging a single trip to the supermarket per week, down from 2.3 trips per week before the pandemic.

This means stores get all of a shopper’s business or none of it,
and people are choosing to shop where they feel the most safe
and confident.

To help grocery stores navigate this critical time, we’ve developed a guide for creating an effective COVID-19 disinfection program. Written specifically for supermarkets, it covers topics that include:

  • Data about how the pandemic has affected shopping habits
    and preferences
  • How to build customer and employee confidence with a high-visibility disinfecting team
  • A four-step comprehensive disinfection program

Keep your business open and reduce contamination. Get the facts you need to implement a rigorous cleaning safety strategy.